Sometimes children can be ungrateful to their parents, especially the mother. This article is aimed at being able to become aware of the consequences that being ungrateful can bring.

When children are young, it is something that can be forgiven and tried to educate, but as adults, they are expected to have a greater capacity to appreciate what their parents were able to give them.

We are not referring here to parents who have not been good, who have mistreated their children or who have abandoned them.

This article is aimed at parents who have been able to fulfill the role of being parents, who have not been perfect, but who have sacrificed for their children, who have fought to give them more opportunities and who, unfortunately, have ungrateful children.

For the mothers who have sacrificed themselves, for those who have been able to be an example and for those who, in favor of a better family plan, have put aside their own lives, so that their children could have greater support, the fact that their children were ungrateful, it is much more painful for them.

It is painful to have ungrateful children

We all know that fathers and mothers are not perfect. Those who have been parents have probably gone through times when their behavior does not make them proud, where everything is not clear, and they know they have flaws or cracks.

However, there are many who give an image of knowing everything, of being a perfect woman who can handle everything. However, the reality is that as women we can handle everything, but it is also true that we have made mistakes during our upbringing.

Part of parenting is having to frustrate children, but they should not think that their frustration is in vain, but that they must learn to know that they will not always be able to have everything in life right away.

The idea is to let them know that if they make an effort, everything is possible, but if they don’t make an effort, they shouldn’t think that their wishes will come by magic. Neither less than the mother is going to make everything possible.

Ingratitude can cause a lot of pain for anyone, especially if it comes from a child.

Mothers can be vulnerable to any words spoken by their children.

In the case of mothers with their daughters, this is more intense, because they secretly kept the desire to be able to talk to their daughter as a friend, when she grew up.

Many times mothers have raised their daughter hoping to avoid a loneliness they have felt for a long time. And hoping that she fulfills the above expectations, she gives it her all, until she becomes a great professional.

There are several mothers who have given their all so that their children can develop. Many times they have overworked, have sacrificed comfort and even sacrificed their own dreams so that their children would be happy.

To all the parents who have done all of the above and more for their children, we feel the fact that you have children who are not born to thank you for everything you have given them.

It is a pity that they do not take them into account, once they have become independent, since you, as parents, did everything for your children to achieve independence.

For a woman, this can weigh more on her when she gets older or at times when she herself does not feel as strong as before.

As a mother, it produces tremendous joy and satisfaction in life to see a daughter grow wings and become independent. By means of the education for which the mother fought so that the daughter could have.

So the daughter now has a title and can have a better standard of living. All this shows that her sacrifices were not in vain.

However, when as a mother, you feel that your children speak to you as a result of simple cordiality and not because it is really born to them, that as a mother is hard.

If in addition, you discover that your daughter spends more time with her new friends and that she does not have time to dedicate to you. Then it’s even harder. It’s hard when people you don’t know very well have to collect the tears that your daughter should welcome, that they are the ones who protect you on bad days and that, deep down, if you gave so much in this relationship, it’s unfair that your daughter doesn’t help you when you feel like your world is collapsing.

If you are still reading this, you are probably thinking of concluding that it is always bad to give everything and without measures. That children cannot be given everything when they want it, perhaps you also think that parents should not give their children everything they ask for, when they ask for it.

It is true that children have to learn to value things, to value and know how much the sacrifice they made costs. Children must know the effort that means what one has achieved in life, that everything has a price and that many things were achieved with the sweat of the parents’ brows.

We must try to ensure that children are good people, and that they are also educated. Some of the sacrificed mothers must be respected, let their children know that many times the mothers took the bread out of their mouths to give it to their son, literally.

It is necessary that the children, as soon as they can, must know the reality of the hardness of life, it is necessary to prevent them from thinking that everything is easy, it is good that they can begin to value what is done for them. Children must be taught to be responsible.

There are no super people, there are no super children, no super mothers, no mothers with magical powers. What there are are mothers and working people. If you are reading this and you still have small children, it may be that you are still in time to change the way you are educating them.

A message for mothers with big ungrateful children, the only thing left to tell them is to wait with patience and conviction that their children will realize that the mother they had was a good mother, that she managed to fight with you and that she sacrificed various things for you.

The only thing left for us is to hope that when they realize this, it may not be too late and they can show their appreciation for what their parents managed to do.

If you are an adult daughter, and if you feel identified in some way, then you may have been very lucky to read this, because if you were already grateful before, now you can put it into practice with even more reason.

You can still get closer to your mother and you can be able to thank the time and effort that I dedicate to you. Surely your mother is waiting for you with her open arms and longing for you to spend time with her.

If you are a woman, a daughter and you are not yet a mother, try to be a good daughter, because tomorrow, when you are a mother, you can suffer from this too.

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