When we are interested in someone the first thing we want to know is if the interest is mutual. Sometimes anxiety makes us go crazy trying to figure out if the other person has feelings for us or not.

But in some circumstances the signals are very clear, we just don’t know how to interpret them correctly or we don’t want to see them. If you are trying to find out how much he cares about you, in this article we will leave you a help to know how someone behaves who is not interested in you at all and someone who does have a real interest in you.

1- Body language can say a lot about what a person feels, since it is their subconscious that is communicating with you through their body. For example: look at his smile, if it is a sincere smile or just try to be nice to go with the flow.

2- Observe the way he stands and how he treats you when he is close to you, whether or not he is looking for a physical contact, because when we like someone any excuse is good to get closer and touch him/her. If, while they are talking, he stands at a certain distance, with his arms crossed, and if he does not look for an approach to touch you, it is not a very good sign.

3- If he does not look at you, it is a bad sign, because eye contact is a way to show that they are connected or at least that he wants to establish a connection with you.

When someone is interested you should not only look at the way they look at you, also look at their eyes, someone has strong feelings, their pupils usually dilate.

4- He does not concentrate when he is with you, he does not pay attention to you, he gets distracted, it seems that he is anywhere else except there with you, he answers you with monosyllables, he does not make the conversation flow and if he is looking at any little bird instead of listening to it what are you saying, you should forget, you clearly do not get his attention. On the other hand, if she pays attention to your needs, if she pays special attention to you, sometimes even more than her own friends, you are on the right track.

5- Currently, if someone wants to talk to you, they have multiple ways to do it, so if they don’t talk to you, it’s simply because they aren’t interested. He told you that he would call you, but he doesn’t?.Nowadays there is no excuse for this. Who doesn’t have 20 seconds to send a whatsapp, an email or a message on facebook? If I wanted to contact you, I would have a thousand ways

“Maybe he called me and I didn’t get the message, or maybe he lost my phone… Or he left town, or his grandmother died” are excuses you should get out of your mind. He doesn’t communicate with you because he just doesn’t want to. And if it leaves you with the blue double check, I think it goes without saying what that means.

6- You don’t know his social circle, because he doesn’t consider you important enough. When someone is interested in you, they want to introduce you to their world, they want you to be part of it and for the people they love or appreciate to know you. If when you meet their friends or relatives they tell you things like: “We have heard a lot about you” or “Oh, finally we meet you”, it is more than evident that that person talks about you and if he does it it is because he is interested in you and very much .

7- When it comes to doing something, he prefers to go out with his friends rather than with you, and it is because you are not his priority. Someone who is interested shares your tastes, wants to spend time by your side, so they also think about the activities you like. We all lead busy lives and if he chooses to spend his weekends with you, it is obvious that he cares about you and that he enjoys spending his time with you.

8- He does not respect you, he makes fun of you, he snubs you, when they agree on some plan he leaves you planted, he proposes last-minute plans and he gets upset, they are characteristics of a person who is not interested in the slightest . She is not considerate/or respectful of your time or your life. If he/she is interested in you, he/she knows that your time is as valuable as his/hers, he/she does not make fun of you but feels pride (it is for something that interests him/her)

9- They only talk about sex, therefore it is the only thing What does he want from you? If she only calls you or proposes a plan that you know how it will end, it is more than clear what kind of interest she has

How do you know that someone is not interested in you? If the other person does not call you, does not pay attention to you, does not send you messages or anything, it is because they are not interested in you,

If someone you like certainly cares about your life, you will realize, in their attitudes, you will see that they feel happier being around you because they cannot hide their smile when they are with you, you do not need to force situations to be together and if they have special details with you, it is evident that you have someone thinking about you many hours a day.

We hope that this text has been helpful to you. Sometimes we focus so much on the happy ending that we don’t learn to interpret the signs, to differentiate between those who love us and those who don’t. We end up suffering next to someone who doesn’t feel the same as us or losing the person who really cared about us for not knowing how to interpret the signs that are always there.

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