When a person dear to us is indifferent to us, it is not pleasant at all, and even less so if it is your partner, it does a lot of damage, but sometimes it can be motivated by a specific cause and the only thing we can do is respect the position that has adopted the other and give it time until it passes.

It is also convenient to find out the cause in order to find the most appropriate solution. Or even see if it’s worth looking for a solution or not because, if it’s a punishment or a way to manipulate us for nothing, simply to control ourselves, we are facing a toxic relationship from which it is better to get away.

Indifference is a weapon that some people use to harm another person since we all need contact and communication with other people, and when we turn to someone to tell them something and they ignore us, we feel more frustrated than if they rejected us already that indifference shows a total lack of interest. And it is already known: “There is no greater contempt than not showing appreciation”

That’s why my friend, if you are in a relationship of this type, I am going to give you some tips so that you can take an intelligent attitude and know how to respond if your boyfriend answers you in a curt or indifferent way.

Has it ever happened to you that you are chatting on WhatsApp with your boyfriend and he answers your messages in a curt way? Maybe many times. And this is one of the things that most irritate us.

Guys, please be a little more sensitive! We always spend several minutes thinking about how to put the best phrases and emojis to make it clear that we love you so much or that we miss you and you answer us with an “ok”, a smiley face or a “haha”. When we read these answers our blood boils. That is why today we are going to show you how you can answer him intelligently if he sends you sharp messages. Amiga takes note of each one.

1. Emojis.

In general, when your boy answers sharply to something delicate that you wrote him, then send him an emoji of the happy face or any other image you have, that helps you tell him that you have understood the end of the conversation, but that I don’t know. see you’re upset.

2. “How’s your day going?”

Asking him this question will help you see if he wants to continue the conversation. But if your boy answers you bluntly or tells you that he is busy, then you must be smart and tell him that there is no problem that they will talk later.
3. “We’ll talk later”

This phrase is one of the most polite, subtle and elegant responses with which you can respond to the cutting message.

4. “Eggs”

When he answers you with a laugh, you should do the same. Later or at another time they will be able to bring up another topic so that they can continue the conversation.

5. What studs later?

If your boyfriend asks you this question, then tell him that you have plans with your friends, so you will prevent him from thinking that your world revolves around him.

Friend remember that you should not be bitter about anything or anyone, if your partner shows these attitudes, it is best to give him a spoonful of his own medicine. You remember that you are worth a lot and you should not beg him. When I send you messages, don’t reply right away. Remove from your WhatsApp status those corny phrases like I love you. Many times it is best not to put anything, that will arouse their curiosity. Don’t answer their calls right away either. Now you are the one who occupies her time in other things. Do not forget!

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