This is a situation that can be complicated, especially if one comes from another relationship, where your ex-boyfriend was much more affectionate than your current partner, who may be a very cold person. It is worse when one as a woman has a greater sensitivity, and has a greater need to express her emotions, since this probably also happens within the relationship. If this is causing you problems, then keep reading this article.

In theory, being with a cold person should not cause any problem, especially if one is the same or can be flexible in that regard. But if you are too affectionate and want to have a relationship like that, then you may have problems.

One of the possibilities to fix the matter is that your boyfriend finds a way to change for the better and to be a little warmer and more loving. But to get to that, you probably go through moments where his attitude makes you angry and you even think about ending the relationship.

It is relatively normal to seek how to put up with our partner, especially when he is a colder person than us. We can also fall into over analyzing the situation trying to find out what our partner is not understanding. But this is not the problem, but they are cold and do not show their feelings.

If you are looking for ways to “have the party in peace” with your boyfriend, then we invite you to read the following tips:


The important thing about expectations is that they are not too high, otherwise we run the risk of becoming too frustrated. In this case, it is possible that the girlfriend thinks that because she managed to be with him, then he will change and it may not be so.

Although our partner can be happy, if he does not show it as much or on very special occasions, then this can complicate the relationship. And if you are waiting for them to comfort you at certain times, take you out to eat or give you something, then you may feel disappointed.

This can increase in the event that you are used to having relationships with greater dependency, where they helped you or took charge of your feelings.

Among my advice is to tell you that you must be patient, since nobody changes from one time to another and it is normal, that you have to go through several phases first.

Other issues that you have to take into account are: how many partners has your boyfriend had before? And how long ago? This is important as your boyfriend may not be used to being sweet.


Regardless of the fact that you may feel that he does not understand you, it is worse to keep the emotions inside you, so do not stay silent. It is very likely that he will not understand immediately, however, he tries to give her some time to think.

One aspect that you have to be careful with is talking about this subject when you are angry, since it will feel that you do not accept it as it is. A good way to deal with this is to tell him that you love him very much and that you want the relationship to work, and that is why you tell him how you feel. If you expect him to change, then it’s best to be honest, as one conversation can change his perspective in your favor.


The first months in the relationship, it may be that your boyfriend behaves attentive and sweet, in general, but that in the discussions, he has an attitude that is too cold. After a few months, having conversations on the subject and bearing it, you can gradually begin to see favorable changes, for example: it may be that he worries about calling you more often, about buying you food that you like, like chocolates or things like that . So if you are starting to notice mini changes, to make sure you increase this behavior, you must reinforce it, that is, thank it, highlight it, congratulate it, etc.

If you manage to take more or less a year of relationship, it may be that these changes are more noticeable. What happens is that cold people trust others little by little and it is difficult for them to open up. But little by little, you will see that he becomes the ideal boyfriend.


The little tokens of affection that people who are cold-hearted make mean a lot to them, that’s why we recommend you appreciate them. Some of these can be giving you kisses on the forehead, walking you home, occasionally buying you something small, etc. It may also be that he sends you messages when you have an important meeting.

It is important that any show of affection that he has towards you, you value it, since especially at first, it may have cost him a great effort to make that show of affection.

If you are willing to build a relationship despite the fact that your boyfriend is a bit cold, then we hope that the above tips will be useful for you to improve your relationship.

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