Much has been said about the man’s g-spot but there are really few who dare to discover it and enjoy it. In this article we explain how to get to the man’s g-spot to enjoy sexual relations much more without taboos or complexes.

where is the man’s g spot

Many years ago people began to talk about the g-spot in women and, of course, over time, the idea of ​​looking for the g-spot in women also arose. Thus, from the medical point of view it can be considered that the g-spot for men does exist. For women, there are glands in men called Skene’s glands that are in the anterior wall of the vagina and are considered their G-spot or a kind of female prostate.

It is for all these reasons that for most people the G-spot for men is therefore located in the prostate. For many people this theory is true because without a doubt it is one of the most erogenous zones that men have, without a doubt one of the most powerful and interesting parts to stimulate so that a man can feel pleasure.

That is why the male prostate is considered the G-spot, although many people allow it to be called the P-spot. It should be noted that prostate massage is still taboo for many people and in many contexts, but it is undoubtedly one of the best tools that exist for get maximum pleasure or greatly multiply the pleasure in men when they reach climax.

The prostate can be stimulated both externally in the perineum, stimulating the area that is located between the testicles and the anus, but also much more easily and quickly through penetration, which can be done in many different ways depending on preferences and the inclinations of each person.

Although there are many different discourses and studies about the g-spot (both female and male, but especially worse in the latter case) and many professionals do not agree on its existence, the truth is that it does not matter how it is call although it is proven that it is from the stimulation of this area that it is much easier to obtain more pleasure both during masturbation and during penetration.

How to get to the man’s g spot

To get to the g-spot of men and enjoy sex much more in the case of men, their prostate must be stimulated. The prostate is nothing more than a gland that is usually about the size of a walnut and is located next to your bladder. It is a kind of “magic button” especially interesting to enjoy more sexual relations.

In order to excite this delicate point in men, many different ways can be used, such as intercourse, the use of the hands or oral sex. To do this, it will be necessary to support the fingers or stimulate the area of ​​skin that remains between the anus and the testicles.

It is right in this place where the men’s prostate is located and therefore where the male g-spot is located. For most people who defend the existence of the male g-spot, without a doubt, the stimulation of this area is the easiest way to improve and intensify the pleasure that the man will feel as well as helping him to get more excited or enjoy much more when reaching The climax.

With male g-spot stimulation a much higher arousal is achieved in men and most of them will intensify the contractions of their pelvis so that their orgasm can be up to ten times stronger without exaggeration, according to different investigations.

To better find this point that is located just behind the anal wall in the navel, counting a few centimeters from the sphincter, it may be a good idea to investigate it better in private to know what the limits are in each man. Thus, when having sex or having relations with another person, it will be much easier to tell them where the g-spot is and how to stimulate it in order to enjoy relations much more and this point that is so special for men.

An interesting way to find the male g-spot is to enjoy different types of massages, try new positions or choose sex toys and lubricants specially designed for this area, since it will be much easier to experience new sensations if we use this type of device.

Likewise, it should be noted that these practices have been considered taboo for many years since everything that had to do with the male butt was considered a practice exclusively reserved for homosexuals.

Actually for many people it is still taboo as we can see in many studies since it is scored to the tail behind the penis, lips, testicles, thighs, neck and nipples when asked about the erogenous preferences to the men.

But nowadays there are more and more men who dare to experiment with their sexuality to discover that this type of practice can be really pleasurable and has nothing to do with their sexual preferences as far as the sex of their partners is concerned. .

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