The single sentence must convey what is read in it, but although for many it is inconceivable, there are countless people who do not understand that message until after much pain, it is something that they end up assimilating after having shed many tears and with deep wounds in his heart and in his soul.

And it is that many people do not know what true love is, because the model of love that they were taught or that they saw from their parents and from the beings that were around them and that were influential in their upbringing, was not the most appropriate, I say this because very surely many of the people who will read this article, knew the love that endures, that suffers, that does everything to preserve their family and to continue fighting for what they believe is worth it. Others, on the contrary, knew that ideal love that is full of respect, commitment, sacrifices, in general values ​​and positive things, which lead you to be a better person every day and to be happy. But unfortunately that kind of true love that builds and makes happy those who give and receive it, is not so common and that selfish, petty love abounds,

And that is not the worst thing, there are people who teach their children or close people that this wrong love is the correct one and the truth is that the one who taught that person that to obtain the love of another you have to humiliate yourself, deserves not to die never but to be imprisoned for life.

Because obviously humiliating yourself for love is an act totally lacking in love. It is the antithesis of a good feeling, since in itself humiliation is an act that goes against human dignity and that makes us decrease as people.

And this question assails us: in what head fits that if you humiliate yourself for love, when you get it, that kind of love will be worth it?

Another very common question in these cases is: Do you live enduring humiliation for love? Lie. Love is not a feeling that invites the destruction of your personality

Now, putting up with everything to your partner, in the end, is the demonstration that you consider yourself a nothing, and if you do not love yourself and do not value the great human being that you are, could it be that someone else can do it for you? The truth is very foolish and immature to think that if you humiliate yourself or if you do everything your partner asks of you, it will make them love you, this is ultimately to ignore the fact that by doing so, you will end up hating yourself because you are becoming another human being to please another person who does not value what you are and above all what that means to you. And it is that when we fall into a vicious circle where we humiliate ourselves to get love, it means that we have not understood what love really means.

That’s why if you humiliate yourself so that he doesn’t leave you, when he stays, you won’t be able to stand staying with yourself, because you’ve fallen so low that you’ll be disappointed when you look in the mirror, because of the person you ended up becoming because of such an idea. wrong as the person you do it for, because the truth is that whoever truly loves you will never under any circumstances want to see you humiliated.

The truth is that when you endure lies, infidelities, humiliations, it is more than clear that you are not with that person for love. You are with him/her because you feel that you do not deserve anything else, that you are not capable of being with someone better, with good feelings, who instead of making you suffer and feel inferior, makes you happy and fills you with the desire to get ahead and love. Be a better person every day.

You have to try to understand once and for all, that it is not difficult to leave someone who does not love you, you just have to love yourself and things will start to change like you have no idea. And it is that when you reflect and finally realize that you are humiliating yourself for love, you only have two ways out: respect yourself and stop or fall low and continue in that vicious circle of pain and suffering that is turning you into human waste. You must understand that you love according to learned patterns and that these in many cases are not the most appropriate. That is why when someone respects himself, he is totally and absolutely intolerant of mistreatment and humiliation, that person knows that someone who falls into this type of behavior does not even love himself.

Always keep in mind that lies, humiliation and mistreatment are not part of love. Will you one day learn this or do you think not?

Good love is happiness shared even in the worst moments. Outside of that, we are not talking about love, it could be manipulation, deception, humiliation…, but never for any reason, it will be love, because love is not accompanied by negative feelings, because it is even biblical; which is the feeling that must remain par excellence. So don’t be fooled, whoever humiliates you doesn’t love you, period.

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