How ironic it is to perceive that you knock on this door again, the same one that a few months ago you knocked on in front of me once you left with a smile from ear to ear that expressed happiness. I remember very well how you repeated many times that you did not intend to return, that with her you would obtain everything and much more and that perfectly she would be able to conquer my position.

You weren’t interested in my lamentations because noticing it just now foolishly spilled. You don’t care how much I begged you not to go, that we overcome what happened, that from my part it would be possible to suppress everything from our minds. What innocence! How much can we do for a person who doesn’t deserve it.

It did not affect you to witness so badly and destroyed I was. Not even those words of affection that he barely manages to express. Your ears did not listen to me, your eyes no longer contemplated me. You collected your items and with a triumphant vision you left. Giving up all our illusions and goals. Leaving me in melancholy.

They were days in seclusion, without wanting to perceive anything and anyone. They were days of heartbreak and discouragement, wondering every time I did wrong. Those were days of abandoning me, imagining you, longing for you and begging for love, apparent love, the one that only you can give up.

A seclusion with the foolish illusion of your return, in which you would tell me that everything would return to how it was before, that I would absolve you, that you were confused. And so the days went by without knowing about you, you didn’t get to know all the tears I shed and if I show it today it’s not to magnify you, it’s so that you’re aware that despite everything I’m able to overcome. You don’t know how difficult it was for me. Avoid calling you, contemplate the photographs and not sigh. Do not investigate you!, do not think about you anymore. Not to fall again when I traveled through those places that I attended with you. Appearing not to appreciate anything when our friends asked me about you. Hold my heart so I don’t suffer knowing that you’re with someone else who wasn’t me.

However, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and more confident.

So your ingratitude did not execute me. I just knocked myself down and lived there for many days, in that place from which for one reason or another I didn’t want to resurface. But we all have a fund and this was going to happen at some point. I began to miss the lady I used to be. Well, just as she collapsed me, she raised me. With great strength, with more hope and more security. Reflecting that everything that happens is for a reason. Understanding that you are no longer by my side is because you did not understand what it was like to be with so many women, so many women that you never understood being up to her, for that reason it was better for you to lie and leave.

At a certain time you tried to justify yourself, perhaps so as not to be like a complete lout, refuting nonsense things, in which guilt reverberated in me. What impudence!

You should have assumed the effects of your actions at least once in your life, as well as adjusting your pants and admitting that you are very insecure, a being so ignorant that you don’t know what you want, that you don’t analyze what you do, besides that you don’t he appreciates the woman he has by his side. And still I prayed even more I couldn’t for you to stay. My little self-love even begged to make me lose my integrity, until circumstances consumed me.

You left me like autumn, but I returned like spring. I learned to love and appreciate myself and not to believe anyone’s words again. I managed to feel more sure of myself and my self-esteem is reformed. There is no longer a past, no shadows, no disturbances, no resentments, nothing that afflicts me, that tempers me, nothing that disgusts me.

Currently I only have a huge desire to start loving and to give myself again

Suddenly you appear and tell me about yourself, that you were not happy, that you have not been able to put me aside and that you have considered winning me back. What else do you need me to tell you that you don’t know? You left stating that you would not return. I imagined you and to my amazement today you are here. Well, it’s already too late! And although the place you left is still unoccupied, it’s inadmissible that you can win it back, and it’s because I don’t love you anymore. Therefore you don’t deserve someone like me by your side. A woman who truly loves you and honors you, who appreciates you, who wants to be with you in sickness and in health. You really don’t deserve it!

And I don’t deserve a man who cheats, hurts and walks away. An incompetent being who goes around the world destroying hearts. He already prevents accusing another person. She was just a springboard, a temptation, for our relationship, however, it was you who failed.

You were the one who wanted to act like a stud, to be one of those men who don’t understand how to keep the same woman and walk the streets looking for what they already have at home. It was you who made the decision to replace what we had built for a fun time. So don’t show up here with those silly excuses, accept all your mistakes! once in your life

I only know how to tell you that I don’t feel hate for you, much less love

At this moment I have overcome any suffering. What if I already forgive you? Well, I did it for myself and not for you, since I know that after you a better person will come and I want to be calm, I want to give myself fully again, considering that the first thing is the love of himself and then others. Currently with all frankness I express to you that you are no longer in my thoughts and much less in my soul. And I sincerely thank you for that infidelity, because more than hurting me, you helped me progress, you helped me appreciate myself and understand what should not be done in a relationship.

Since today my perspectives are higher, since today I keep my eyes wide open and my heart tightly closed, because I know that the person who manages to enter it is worthy of staying. You can now go back where you came from. As they say out there, he who laughs last laughs best, and now the one who whimpers and sighs shouldn’t be me. Where is that little laugh of victory? What a pity it is to know that those who laugh make it, cry pay, but in the end they are the fruits of your actions.

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