Let’s start by saying that there is a taboo on the subject, since it is socially acceptable for an older man to have a relationship with a younger woman (sometimes much younger) but when the situation is reversed, the comments change and it is something that echoes in society even today, but every day there are more who dare to leave everything aside and undertake with a mature woman. But what reasons can a man have to look for an older woman? A relationship of this type can have several advantages and disadvantages for both, it only depends on the effort that each one puts in, which variant will be the one that gains more weight over time. There are several reasons, but the most frequent are;

1. They know what they want and are not afraid to say it: It would not be uncommon for a man to salivate before a woman who says directly what she wants and when she wants it, her self-confidence can be very attractive to some. Having a partner capable of satisfying your fantasies and filling you with life experience is what they want for themselves. They are clear about what they want in sex, they have already lived experiences that allow them to recognize their preferences and they will not have any hesitation in saying it, they know that the games of conquest do not have to be with many detours, it is much better to go directly to what they want since it makes no sense for her to waste time on useless games.

2.- They are freer: most have already passed the stage of fears and limits, now they will want to live all the possible adventures since they feel freer, they no longer feel that they have to meet anyone’s expectations and they will know how to pick up from all situations the best and discard the rest. In addition, they feel more secure in their actions, in their body and this gives them greater self-esteem, they know that their experience gives them an advantage and that they can take control of the situation, they know what a man wants in bed and even when each man is different they understand what is the trigger to ignite the passion and take them to the limit of pleasure.

3.- They are safe: if there is something that men like, it is women who know what they want in all areas of their lives, who do not seek approval because they are sure of their decisions whether you like them or not, right? Is a woman attractive who knows the ground she is treading on and who also offers you her knowledge so that you can move forward on yours? It is quite a desirable idea.

4.- Patients:an older woman has already gone through stages that perhaps a younger man has not yet gone through or is recently going through, so her knowledge about it makes her more patient with attitudes of men, which for someone of the same age can be more difficult To understand, this extends to many other areas since his experience allows him to know that the vast majority of things are not so urgent and that if they do not work out the first time, you can keep trying.

5.- Sensual and sexual: a mature woman who knows what she has and exploits her gifts turns out to be very sensual for men in general but for a man younger than her it is a stronger attraction since their experience makes them knowledgeable about sexual games, they have already lived enough to recognize without any problem what they prefer and they don’t waste time, they go directly looking for pleasure and willing to deliver that same pleasure to their partner, releasing all their sensuality without problems. Today it is more common to see well-groomed older women, they are not only beautiful but also care about their appearance, they are flirtatious and confident in their bearing and attractiveness, because they no longer seek approval simply for their own benefit,

They can give you signs so you should be careful not to miss the opportunity and acquire all that knowledge that a mature woman can give you, taking you to explore all your limits of sensuality and pleasure, which will result in a very rewarding experience for both. parts. Fall in love or just have casual encounters, it doesn’t matter which of the two is your option if both are looking to enjoy the maximum of the pleasure that together they can find.

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