If you know relationships where the woman is dominant over the man, perhaps you have wondered why the man prefers it that way. These types of men allow themselves to be dominated by women, they like their women to take the initiative in everything in the relationship and they enjoy it.

According to specialists, it is not that the woman treats the man as she wants, but that she is herself, knows how to say what she thinks and has enough self-confidence to make decisions for the couple.

Some of the reasons why a man prefers a dominant woman are:

Men realize that, in intimacy, the woman dominates the situation, she shows herself as she is, she is not ashamed to let her know what she likes, she feels safe with her body and knows how to make people feel good to her man.
Men know that with a dominant woman they will never get bored, because they are always devising different things to do as a couple, both in bed and in daily activities.
Men are seduced by dominant women because they know they will never depend on them. They know that love is not the emotion that you feel, but the actions that you do every day and the decisions that you make together.

Men admire a dominant woman because she always has surprises, they are so confident that they do not hesitate to experience different things. They worry about having the flame of passion and surprise lit, both at the time of sex, dancing at a party, or trying exotic foods. It is important not to confuse the sickly dominant woman with the purposeful dominant woman, which is what we are talking about. These types of women are in charge of the house, of the children, if any, and even of the economic issues of both. They set the rules, but this does not mean that they are not taken into account, on the contrary, these women are interested in dialogue and their partner’s proposals.

According to psychology, it is likely that men who choose dominant women are people who had dominant mothers and connect with this part of women to validate their existence, perpetuating the bond established since childhood. On the other hand, it may be that they want someone to organize their life, agenda, time, etc. This way of relating to women gives them security and tranquility and is the way that the unconscious has of seeking to feel important to someone else, although, on the other hand, it can be a sign of immaturity by not wanting to take charge of personal decisions, because someone else already took them for them.

As it is a kind of pact of loyalty with the mother herself, they do not act accordingly and concentrate on continuing to play the role of obedient. Therefore, it is difficult for men to become aware and decide to grow and take charge of their lives to stop depending on others. This is contradictory in a society where men are expected to be in charge and dominated men can be seen as submissive and unable to make their own decisions.

The psychologist Juan Manuel Blanco specifies that this type of relationship is easy to detect, since the attitudes of both are given from the courtship. It is very likely that she was the woman who asked him to become a boyfriend, who threw himself into the first kiss, who suggested moving in together or getting married and starting a family. The man did not even know when they became boyfriends and stayed together, because this situation never seemed to affect him, and if he affected him in any way, nobody knew, because he never said anything about it.

In this type of case, it is possible that the man ‘needs’ to have a dominant girlfriend, and we say necessary because for him it means the possibility of filling his emotional voids, his need to feel accompanied and valued by someone, whatever his way of life. be.

The most important thing to know is that, according to the psychologist, most of these relationships are established out of necessity, not out of true love, and it is even likely that the scheme is so functional that they lead to marriage, children, administration. of a joint business, etc., where she not only decides where everyone moves, but she is the one who has the wallet in her hand and everything that has to do with their money depends on her.

These men appear calm, but in reality it is submission. In fact, it is believed that this type of man has no control over himself or how he feels, that is why it is easy and comfortable for him to be with such a woman, because he stops worrying and only tries to fill his gaps and make up for his lack of self-esteem with someone who has it to spare. These types of couples work perfectly, because there is not only visual and chemical attraction, but they are really looking for each other, because what one lacks, the other has more than enough and they find in their partner the perfect complement.

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