Love is one of the most complex feelings of people. Couples that seem perfect fail at the first argument, while other couples prosper despite the difficulties. The two things that acquire the most importance, to become incentives or obstacles are: personal habits and age.

If you have ever fallen in love with a man with a large age difference, you should ask yourself if what you feel for him is true love or just seduction. Seduction results from the ease of being dazzled by the maturity and security that an older man gives you, along with your vitality and youth.

When your partner is older, you find yourself between two options and you must know which of the two you are going through in your relationship, so that you can take your precautions and decisions in the best way.

Psychologists mention that women who fall in love with older men need to feel safe, because at some point in their lives they felt what it means to feel loved and sheltered by someone who gives them security. And it is no coincidence that the majority of women who are in this situation are those who lacked a father figure, because they are looking to cover that absence.

You must be aware that being in a relationship with an older man involves changes in the lives of both, which will manifest when they have passed the stage of falling in love and meet a mature love. One of the main changes will be the change in their circle of friends, so they must set the conditions so that everyone maintains their friendships. If in the course of that love you do not find problems in the biological changes of each one, maybe it is worth taking a relationship seriously. Older men like the vitality with which you live your life and they admire that about you, so they expect you to fall in love with their virtues and their flaws, while he will be by your side to support you with his experience.

A real age difference is considered when more than 10 years are exceeded between one member of the couple and the other. Currently it is more common to find women dating older men than the opposite. Some experts explain it from a biological perspective, where men look for young women as a sign of fertility, while women look for a man who will help them raise their children and provide them with security. There is no way to know if a relationship with an age difference is going to work, it is up to you to know the advantages and disadvantages, so we leave you with some points that you can take into account if this is what you want:

– Way to see life. Personal ideology is influenced by the generation to which you belong, so you must take into account that it is difficult and even impossible for an older person to change an opinion that they have had all their lives. So don’t expect me to change for you, you’re going to be disappointed.

– Sex. Generally, older men are more generous with their partner on sexual matters, taking into account that they have more experience. If the man is ‘young’, within their age difference, you should be aware that sooner or later the intensity and frequency will decrease, he will need more time to recover between each encounter and he will fall asleep in an instant, when perhaps Maybe you are at your most active point.
– Plan your future. We refer specifically to the issue of children. Maybe right now you don’t want him, but if you want him in the future, you need to be honest with him. Maybe he already has children from a previous relationship or never had them and now that he’s older, he doesn’t even want to think about it.

– Patience and vital experience. Young people tend to be more impatient for everything, including love and sex, so another important aspect to keep in mind is that an older man will generally be the most patient in the relationship. This can be good, because he will know how to put your feet on the ground, he will know how to advise you on some issues that you may not yet understand and this will always be an advantage for you.

– Estabilidad economica. Cuando sales con un hombre mayor, los problemas economicos no son motivo de discusion. Es probable que el ya tenga una casa propia, asi que lo mas facil es que tu te acomodes a su estilo de vida. A veces, la mujer puede dejar de trabajar, porque el le asegura que nada le va a faltar. Esto es una decision completamente personal que podrias probar durante algun tiempo, pero sin dar por hecho que tu futuro siempre va a ser igual, asi que nunca dejes de prepararte ni te cierres las puertas del mundo laboral, porque no sabes como ira la vida.

If you have a relationship where there is a big age difference, you must be prepared for criticism, which will come from all sides, from your family and his, from your friends and his, from your co-workers, etc. However, keep in mind that over time the bond you have with people who do not accept your relationship will end up cooling, because feeling that your loved ones do not support you is sad.

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