Gray hair appears when the body stops producing a pigment called melanin (substance that is responsible for giving color to hair, eyes and skin). This usually happens over the years and is a sign of aging.

However, on many occasions we can observe very young people with gray hair, even before the age of 20. This usually scares the people who suffer from it as well as those who observe them.

The question is why do they appear at such an early age in some people?

As we said before, it is due to the lack of the pigment that they stop producing at a very early age. This is also due to other factors. And according to specialists, people who have hair without pigment in youth should take precautions because they can be symptoms of vitamin deficiencies and can be serious.

In this article we will reveal some of the possible causes of the appearance of premature gray hair.

1- By genetics.

Gray hair can appear at any time in a person’s life through a natural process, but genetic components have a strong effect.

This usually happens when a relative such as our parents or grandparents had gray hair at a very young age.

So don’t be surprised if you get some gray hair while still very young.

2- Due to lack of nutrients.

The early appearance of gray hair also occurs due to the lack of very important nutrients such as the lack of the B12 complex, vitamins D3, folic acid, and minerals such as iron and zinc.

The intake of these nutrients in the body is very important, since they help the body develop gray hair later.

To consume the aforementioned nutrients, the consumption of walnuts, pine nuts, almonds and chocolate is recommended.

3- Due to Stress.

Hair and body hair are also affected by everyday problems and situations. We all know that a high level of stress can make us completely sick.

Gray hair can also arise due to the effect of stress, since it deteriorates in such a way the mother cells responsible for the body’s pigments.

It is recommended to carry out relaxing activities that take people away from distressing and stressful situations.

4- Due to the use of chemical products.

The use of chemical products seriously affects the scalp and this could accelerate the appearance of gray hair prematurely. It affects both sexes but women are the most exposed because they use these products in greater proportion.

There is also a bad habit of using irons and dryers and they make the hair weaker from the root. Dyes also collaborate in the appearance of gray hair while still very young.

5- Because of Smoking Habits.

Due to the chemicals that cigarettes contain, this not only causes gray hair to appear, but over time it can lead to baldness.

This is because nicotine gradually poisons the body. It is proven that smoking reduces the production of melanin.

6- For health reasons.

According to experts certain diseases can cause the appearance of gray hair such as heart disease, chronic constipation, and problems with the thyroid glands.

What is recommended is to maintain a medical health check if the first gray hairs appear at an early age at least once a year to rule out any risk situation.

Due to Vitiligo: This is a degenerative disease that appears when the melanocytes die, and this causes premature gray hair to appear.

7- By Gender.

Premature graying is also related to gender. Experts have found that in men the process begins earlier than in women.

The world average is 30 years for men and 35 for women.

For many people gray hair is a sign of aging, for others it is more a matter of fashion and trend, others associate it with some social status that gives more credibility to those who wear them.

In short, there are many myths that are associated with the appearance of gray hair, and some even wear them with some vanity.

The truth is that premature gray hair seems to be due to different factors and aspects of life. But if they appear at an early age, it is advisable to investigate the reason for their appearance.

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