Perhaps at a certain moment in your life, you will have had some intimate or personal contact with a man and suddenly he disappeared as if nothing, as if by magic, without giving any explanation, without calls, messages or any sign about why, I just don’t look for you anymore.

What happened? Why? you begin to imagine what it is and what it is not, something that is very relative to not knowing what were the real reasons why he left your side.

The eternal question of why men walk away when they are better off remains an enigma for many women.

In many relationships it happens that they idealize themselves so much in courtship that when they are already as a couple, things are not what they imagined, then it is when one of the two leaves the relationship and the other suffers.

When a man disappears, it is for various reasons.

1. They are scared of rushed commitments.

It happens that many women make the mistake of imagining themselves married to that man from the first day they met him. It is likely that you have spent your time talking about weddings, dresses, houses, cars and children.

This is like an instant repellant that reveals you as desperate to have a man by your side. This is detectable very quickly by some men and they get scared, because although they want to have a calm and relaxed relationship, they feel very pressured.

2. For the simple fact of being a casanova.

He brings down the sun, the moon and the stars in order to get you to be intimate with him, he doesn’t care what he has to invest in time or money. Once they get it they go for the next one, they are like hunters. This is recurring, there are these casanovas called predators of love. They take her giving, her love, and her body and then they just disappear.

3. He realized that you are not the one.

So hard and raw, we all have in our imagination a person that we think will be the right one for us. Men are no strangers to these idealizations and many times they also expect someone with all the characteristics they want in a partner. You may like him a lot, but at some point he has realized that you will not be the “right one” for him and he prefers to walk away before making you suffer with a relationship that he knows has no future.

4. You don’t feel comfortable.

Perhaps at the beginning, in the first outings, he did not notice, but with the passing of time there are things that began to bother him. Maybe along the way he saw some features that he didn’t like at all, and he decides to disappear leaving you wondering instead of talking about it like adults and explaining his reasons.

5. You just ended a toxic relationship.

This is a constant reason, men also have a hard time starting after leaving a relationship that hurt them more than they would like to admit. He may have met you at a difficult time for him and that is why he prefers to heal before getting fully into a new relationship.

6. Dates someone else.

Since maybe the outings weren’t as constant or they never made it clear if the relationship was going to be formal or not, and along the way he met someone else and stopped calling you because of that. He prefers to walk away before hurting you.

It is possible that he has become disenchanted with you, currently young people especially fall in love and immediately leave the couple because they cannot be in a serious commitment.

7. He just wants intimacy.

Another painful statement, but true. Many times men just try to be nice on the first few dates until they get you into bed, and when they succeed they walk away. Not everyone is like that, but it’s a great reality lately.

8. He is aware that he is not good enough for you.

Over time, he has realized that he will not be able to meet all the expectations you have and he does not feel sure that he can give you what you deserve, so he decides that it is better to walk away.

9. He loves his single life.

It is a valid argument if he always made things clear to you from the start, somehow in the outings he made you notice that, although they have a great time together and he has some appreciation for you, he is not going to give up his single life.

Today many men no longer have that thought of previous generations, rather they imagine a more liberal relationship, where both take their paths as they see fit.

10. You have never had a real relationship.

Although it can be somewhat complicated to understand, there are people who have no idea how to act when faced with a “serious” relationship and never achieve something stable for this reason. So when the case occurs, your fastest solution, out of fear, is to run away.

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