Experts reveal one of the most unexpected beauty tricks of the Duchess of Sussex. Meghan has become an iconic fashion figure and the eyes of the world are upon her.

As expected, Meghan Markle has become a global fashion icon. Those who know affirm that she is always right. Due to this, many put the magnifying glass on how she is dressed, what accessories she chooses and being her, as she is, a fashion reference is something that she should get used to. Because of this meticulous follow-up of the Duchess of Sussex, an issue was detected that, in principle, could be considered a style error. The question would be in her shoes. The ones Meghan always wears are one or two sizes larger than hers. Some of the aesthetic choices of Prince Harry’s wife are ‘stilettos’ that, judging by the images, are clearly her size.

Since Meghan Markle made her first public appearance as the future Duchess of Sussex, in her engagement announcement, she has been making headlines around the world for her looks. Her outfits are carefully scrutinized and exhaust the ‘stock’ of the lucky brands chosen by the Duchess.

To be honest, you didn’t need to look too hard. If you look a little closer it is easy to spot a noticeable gap in the heel in the shoes you usually wear. His followers clearly detected this circumstance in his Royal Ascot look. The dazzling Givenchy ensemble is paired with oversized shoes. But this wasn’t the first time the Duchess has worn big shoes for her. In announcing her future engagement with Harry from England -dressed in a Line coat-, and on her recent trip to Cheshire with England’s Queen Elizabeth II -also in a Givenchy design- the former actress has worn shoes one or two sizes larger and it has not gone unnoticed.

As strange as it sounds, there’s apparently a good reason Meghan doesn’t wear shoes in her size. “Celebrities often do it when they attend an event or on the red carpet and it’s for a reason that we can all really understand: to avoid blisters,” esgun explained fashion expert Harriet Davey to The Sun. “There’s nothing worse than uncomfortable shoes (we’ve all suffered from them) and when VIPs like Meghan wear heels for a long period of time, their feet often get swollen.”

World celebrities like Meghan, who spend a lot of time on their feet, often take into account all the issues related to the footwear they wear. “Swelling can cause blisters and eventually bunions, like Victoria Beckham, have been rumored to do,” added Davey.

The shoes Meghan Markle wore at Ascot (Youtube)

Regardless of whether it is winter or summer, all members of the royal house often spend hours and hours on their feet during visits or commitments that abound in their hectic social schedules. Although it is known by all that heels stylize and lengthen the figure, wearing them permanently can cause the dreaded and painful chafing, foot problems and even back problems.

Meghan has been experimenting with larger shoe sizes for some time. She only needs to take a look at the snapshots of her engagement, dated November 2017, with Harry. The shoes she was wearing that day were also too big.

“The trick is to fill the toe of the shoe with a paper or cotton handkerchief,” continues the expert. In this way, as the foot swells, the excess cotton would be removed and, then, having more space, on the contrary of what could be thought a priori, it would gain in comfort. However, the most recent ‘royal’ has not been the only one to change the size of her heels for a good cause. There are many other personalities who have historically appeared in more than one event or red carpet with the size that did not correspond to them, among which we can mention Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence, Julianne Moore, Olivia Wilde, Eva Longoria or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and they are just some of those who have been doing it for a while.

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