Regardless of how the relationship has ended, whether he has decided not to continue, by mutual agreement or that you have been the one who makes the decision, it is normal for you to feel surprised at the fact that your ex-partner asks you to leave. keep visiting just as friends. And the question arises why he wants to be your friend. If you are in this situation and you do not have a clear answer, then we encourage you to continue reading this article, as we are going to delve into the most common reasons why your ex may want to remain your friend. Although it is clear that no one is in your ex’s heart or mind to be able to know for sure what his true motives are for making such a proposal to you,

1. They feel guilty

If they were the ones who ended the relationship or if you ended the relationship as a result of how they acted as a couple, it is something that generally generates guilt.

Another cause for them to feel guilty is that they feel that they are leaving you alone with a serious problem or in a complicated situation. That is, if in addition to the end of the relationship you are going through a difficult time, for example: if you have a serious illness or if you are going through a duel as a result of the death of someone close to you.

Finally, infidelity is one of the most frequent causes and one that causes the most guilt among men, which is why they want to continue being your friends in order to somehow repair the damage they did, either by offering you a friendship or wanting to recover the relationship. relationship.

2. By habit

If you had a very long courtship, of more than a year, then it is normal that the two are very used to spending time with each other. So it is difficult that from one day to the next they can be well separated, without wondering how the other is or without remembering that they did certain activities as a couple. That’s why it’s hard for both of them to just stop seeing each other.

To this can be added the fact that probably the friends they had in common ask them about each other, in addition to the fact that possibly their group of friends is also used to the couple they formed, which can generate certain comments asking what was what happened.

3. For the possibility that they can return

If they ended the relationship on good terms, then it is common to continue as friends and that the continuous contact eventually leads them to want to return. This occurs even more, if the problems that forced them to separate in the first instance had a solution.

It is common that one of the two does not accept that the relationship is over and thinks that the other will want to return eventually. It may be that you even believe that it is something temporary, that the relationship in a little while will be the same as it was before and that this is nothing more than an obstacle. Therefore, he still isn’t willing to grieve realizing that they probably won’t get back together.

4. For loneliness

When faced with not being in a relationship anymore, it is normal to realize that one has to face life alone, that if one has a problem, the support provided by a partner will no longer be available. And in that sense, it can be difficult to be alone. In addition, not having a partner in some situations can be uncomfortable, for example: when one is invited to a wedding or if all your friends are there with their partners except you, etc.

If your ex is beginning to realize what it means to be without a partner, then it may be that for a while he wants to maintain a friendship, where he can avoid situations of discomfort caused by being alone, as mentioned in the previous paragraph . In this way, she can avoid facing the fact that she will be alone for a while, which means facing certain situations resulting from not being in a relationship.

5. By interest

If your ex-partner wants to be your friend by interest, then it is something to keep an eye on, it may be that before you have been used to inviting him to eat, buying his medicines, or being a contribution in his economic life. So since now it is no longer up to you to do that, it may be that he thinks it is a good idea to have you as a friend so that you may be more willing to buy him things that he needs.

Another type of interest is that you solve a problem for him, for example: if his mother cares that he is with someone or if it is a problem for him to be alone, etc. So with your friendship it’s like that problem is solved for the moment.

Now that you have read the reasons why your ex may want to be your friend, then do you dare to have a friendly relationship with him? We can all be uncomfortable having an ex-partner as a friend, especially if we are in the process of recovering from the relationship that we just ended or if we are intending to start a new relationship with someone else. If this process is complicated or difficult for you because you are friends, then it is best to be honest with him.

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