Male ejaculation is a process involving muscular and neurological factors. Basically these are responsible for depositing the semen in the urethra, so that later, it can go outside. There are mainly two sexual problems associated with this process. One of them is premature ejaculation, which consists of finishing intercourse just after beginning, and the second case is known as inability to ejaculate or ejaculatory dysfunction, which are cases in which the man cannot ejaculate. Commonly the lack of ejaculation responds to psychological causes, but there are also diseases that may be responsible, such as diabetes or neurological diseases, etc.

How does ejaculation occur?

Male ejaculation is also often confused with an orgasm, however it is important to know that they are different processes, so there can be ejaculation without orgasm and also orgasm without ejaculation. Through sexual stimulation, nerve impulses are awakened that activate the male sexual organs such as: prostate, bulbo-renal gland and seminal vesicles, thus increasing the ability to secrete substances that form semen, together with sperm. Then, when the arousal reaches a fairly high point, the nerves of the autonomic nervous system are activated. In simple terms, it is responsible for taking control of the actions that the body executes involuntarily. As you know, ejaculation is carried out through involuntary actions, that is why man cannot do anything to avoid it. At that moment in which the muscles of the male reproductive apparatus contract, the prostate releases a fluid and the vesicles release the seminal fluid, it is called the period of no recoil.

Next we will tell you some differences between ejaculation and orgasm:

1- Difference between ejaculation and orgasm

Research that talks about male sexual functioning reveals that ejaculation normally occurs when the excitement reaches a fairly high point in the brain or spinal cord, denying that it occurs when there is a certain amount of accumulated semen. On the other hand, unlike ejaculation, orgasm is accompanied by semen, which is what commonly happens, however, you have to know that dry orgasms also exist. Of course, in both cases the orgasm is reached, but the sensations vary for a logical reason, this happens because the passage of semen through the urethra generates pleasant sensations in the man.

Orgasm includes a contraction of the genital muscles and increased respiratory rate, also an intense sensation of pleasure. Upon reaching orgasm, the man also expels seminal fluid, as this process is known as ejaculation. For ejaculation to exist, two aspects are necessary: ​​On the one hand, sexual arousal, and on the other, the functioning of the male sexual organs that allow semen to be extracted.

It can also be said that a man may not ejaculate but may have an orgasm. From there we can raise different causes why a man does not ejaculate when having sex.

2- Psychological causes of delayed ejaculation

Surely at some point you’ve wondered why your boyfriend can’t ejaculate when having sex with you. In this case, the lack of arousal is one of the questions to consider, since, as you can see, arousal can be said to be related to the brain and, of course, it is this organ that is most important in receiving sexual stimuli caused by arousal.

For ejaculation to occur, it is first necessary to reach a certain degree of arousal (a very high degree), so it is likely that the lack of stimulation is the cause of delayed ejaculation. Sometimes we think that preliminary “games” are too much, but the truth is that, both in men and women, it is a fundamental part before or during intercourse. However, lack of arousal can simply delay ejaculation, not completely eliminate it.

The lack of excitement can be linked to other factors:

3- Lack of attraction:The lack of attraction or also the problems in the couple can directly affect the sexual life of both, since the emotional distance that is generated as a result of that causes the sexual desire to decrease. Apart from that, they can also generate stress and worries that, in one way or another, will prevent them from staying focused during sexual intercourse. Religious beliefs: Although it seems unlikely, on many occasions, this is also a barrier to fully enjoying sex. Many times it is likely that they make the man see or perceive sex as something negative and, therefore, this does not allow him to have pleasant intimate relationships. Traumatic events: Having experienced a sexually traumatic event in the past can prevent the person from enjoying intimate relationships.

4- Can anxiety cause delay in ejaculation?

Indeed, anxiety is another of the causes that can cause the absence of ejaculation in men. Although we realize little of this detail, both stress and anxiety are factors that influence more than we think when it comes to sex. As we said before, arousal is linked to the brain, because with these negative thoughts the only thing you achieve is to interfere with arousal in a certain way, therefore, it is unlikely that your boyfriend will end up ejaculating when they have sex. That is why at the time of sex, the couple must first know how to relax, it is highly recommended to get rid of all problems and once both are prepared, both physically and mentally, they can enjoy sexual activity. Also,

5- Physical causes of delayed ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is not only the result of certain psychological aspects, it is also possible that some diseases or physical conditions prevent the body from working properly to give rise to the action of ejaculation. Although having a delayed ejaculation due to physical problems occurs less frequently, it is a possibility that should not be ruled out, since it not only has to do with physical problems, but also the habits that we carry can lead to these types of consequences. When talking about habits, we specifically refer to what we consume and that can affect us. Another aspect to take into account is excessive masturbation, this is an aspect that can undoubtedly cause the person to be harmed when having sexual relations.

6- Conditions in the body:
Many times there are certain conditions in the body that can prevent the semen from being transported correctly to the outside, this type of problem, consequently, will cause the ejaculation to end up running without any success. Normally the obstructions of the ducts through which the sperm must pass to end up going outside, can be caused by certain infections in the body. There are some diseases that have a greater influence so that ejaculation is delayed. The most common are diabetes and urinary or prostate infections. For this reason, if you begin to have certain problems when ejaculating and you do not see it as a psychological problem, it is advisable to go to a doctor for a check-up or, better yet, to a sexologist.

7- Medicines, drugs and alcohol:As we mentioned before, it is not only about infections, but also what you consume can cause delayed ejaculation. On the one hand there are medications, such as antidepressants, anxiolytics, antipsychotics and tranquilizers, which can end up affecting sexual health. All of them, in addition to affecting the desire and the ability to maintain an erection, can also cause ejaculation dysfunction. On the other hand there are also drugs, mainly tobacco, heroin, opiates and cocaine are those that can affect the erection and produce delays in ejaculation. Alcohol also generates not so positive effects in bed, even though its effects are believed to be aphrodisiacs, it can delay ejaculation or completely interrupt it.

8- Hormonal alterations:Hormonal changes can also affect the ejaculation process. As you can see, ejaculation is an act full of physical, mental and emotional effects, and according to some research carried out, a man with a normal level of testosterone (hormone whose function is linked to male sexual functioning) ejaculates seven minutes after having intercourse started. Well, the deficiency of this hormone normally affects sexual desire, it is also capable of producing erectile dysfunction and of course, ejaculation is also affected, producing a delay in it at the time of having sexual intercourse. This problem can not only affect the man, but the couple itself, since delays or lack of ejaculation can generate a certain degree of frustration in the relationship.

9- Diseases of the nervous system:There are some conditions that can damage the nervous system or the spinal cord. As we mentioned above, these are essential for the brain to capture the stimuli that lead to ejaculation. Among the diseases that affect the nervous system we can mention: cerebrovascular accident and nerve damage to the spinal cord or back. To cite another disease, there is also Alzheimer’s, in which the communication of brain cells is affected. Multiple sclerosis is another disease of the central nervous system that can make it difficult for both men and women to achieve orgasm. Men affected by this problem may not get an erection or may find it impossible to ejaculate.

10- Surgeries:Surgery may be another reason why a person cannot ejaculate. In some cases, it is likely that when the man has undergone surgery, some nerves responsible for the ejaculation process have also been damaged. Normally the nerves that are usually damaged in that area are due to surgery in the pelvis. Cancer treatment can interfere with ejaculation by damaging the nerves that control the prostate, seminal vesicles, and bladder opening. It can also stop the production of semen in the prostate and seminal vesicles, or even interrupt the way semen leaves the body. Similarly, a man can retain his ability to feel the pleasure of orgasm. The difference is that during this time, little or no semen is ejaculated.

11- What do I do if my partner cannot ejaculate?

The important thing in these cases is knowing how to understand the couple, since it is not an easy situation, much less pleasant for the person who suffers it mainly. Mostly the cause of delayed ejaculation are psychological factors, so getting angry or making fun of this condition would only aggravate the situation. Some men think that the only purpose of sex is ejaculation, so they end up obsessing over it, instead of enjoying sex. On the one hand, it is important to talk to the partner about the problem, in order to find the possible cause and solve it. It is also important to visit a specialist in the event that ejaculation does not take place during sexual intercourse and is affecting psychologically. Similarly,

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