When starting a relationship everything is easy, being in love is the best stage of life, physical contact, the attraction between the two works smoothly and wonderfully.

You feel that nothing will ever change, you lead a very active sexual life, you could say even daily, but with the passage of time this changes. Those desires that they felt are declining, there is no longer that constant search for intimacy. It is believed that men do not think about anything other than sex, this concept is wrong. The lack of sexual desire is very normal, and affects both men and women. However, in men for a long period of time it can be a cause for concern. It usually happens for several reasons, both physical and biological.

We give you here some of the most frequent causes in men:


Being depressed, everything changes in life. Losing a very dear family member, becoming unemployed, among other things, can cause a lack of sexual desire in the couple. Depression changes all aspects of the life of those who suffer from it.


When you go through a chronic disease, such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, this directly affects the lack of sexual appetite. And leave it in the background, in the list of priorities. In these cases, you need to talk to your partner about it.

Drug use:

When taking drugs such as blood pressure, antidepressants, illegal drug use, among others. It generates tiredness, fatigue and little desire to have sex with the partner.


When you are distracted by financial problems, family problems, work pressure, or anxiety, sexual desire can decrease drastically. This is due to accumulated stress that alters the level of hormones. This malaise harms people a lot, you must be very careful with the people who suffer from it, and help them improve their personal life as a couple.


The problems of lack of male sexual desire usually appear more frequently, after 50 years. Andropause, which is like the (women’s menopause) also affects men in the sexual sphere. Even if men feel panic about this situation, they will still have to overcome it. In these cases it is good to relax, take a deep breath and ask your partner for caresses.

Lack of sleep:

By not having the necessary rest, the body weakens and makes you lose the desire to be intimate with your partner. Lack of sleep causes a hormonal deficiency and makes it difficult for some men to sleep, especially in adulthood.

Fear during pregnancy:

If you are in the sweet wait, and if it is your first experience of parenthood. It is normal for these types of doubts to arise about having intimacy, so as not to harm the baby that is on the way. In these cases it is recommended to go to the doctor and treat the problem for when they have desires.

He likes another person:

In these cases and if you get to check it, it is a complicated situation. It is a very delicate subject that you should talk about with your partner, about the reason for that feeling. If he met someone who calls his attention more than you, he will be going through a state of confusion. This will not arouse sexual desire, since it will feel between a rock and a hard place. This does not mean that he has stopped loving you, just that that person is filling a void that you may have left.

Bad habits:

Alcohol consumption, eating poorly, not exercising, spending hours sitting, this affects health. A little wine can help you have an unforgettable night, but going overboard is not a good idea. Since you could fail during the sexual act and that your partner does not feel desired.

The routine:

The routine often ends up boring the members of a couple. Always doing the same things, always talking about the same topics, telling only problems, especially before going to sleep, is a terrible ally to arouse the sexual desire of the couple.

Low level of testosterone:

According to specialists, testosterone is a male sex hormone, and is produced in the testicles. The low level of this hormone in men is also one of the reasons why your partner no longer desires you sexually. Its symptoms are: fatigue, loss of muscle mass and low mood.

Lack of affection on your part:

Your partner’s lack of sexual appetite may also have a lot to do with the fact that they are not receiving the necessary attention and affection every day. Not feeling loved can hurt the relationship. That is why it is necessary that you dedicate time to your partner, conquer him every day, show him that he is someone important in your life. Little things that can make him feel loved, like welcoming him with a big hug when he comes home from work, can improve your relationship.

The neglect of your appearance:

Many times due to excessive work, children, housework, it no longer allows you to stay fit and beautiful as you were when you met. Believe it or not, this has a great influence on arousing your partner’s sexual appetite, it sounds very cruel, but it is the reality that most couples have. Physical appearance greatly influences the couple’s relationship.

Disagreements in the couple:

When there are differences in the couple, many men can avoid the sexual encounter, more or less as a punishment. But it is not about that, only that the sexual desire is not born because he is angry about some conflict they had.

According to experts, the lack of sexual appetite happens to three out of ten men. The lack of desire in him does not mean that love has ended in the couple. But if it is a symptom that something is wrong in the relationship. It is recommended to be in constant communication on the subject with your partner. Good luck!!

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