We all know that oral sex is something pleasurable, but sometimes it is not so easy to find someone who is willing to practice it. Some of the most common reasons are that they have had bad experiences or that they are unaware of the practice.

The above cases can occur in both men and women, although it is true that during the woman’s period, men in general tend to be a little less willing to perform oral sex on her. If any of these cases happen to you, it is normal for you to wonder why your partner does not perform oral sex on you. If you are in doubt, then we invite you to continue reading, since below we will explain what are the main causes that cause the rejection of this practice and then we will propose some effective solutions.

Why do you reject the practice?

He doesn’t want to do oral sex

You have to think that it is common for the couple to refuse to do oral sex because they simply do not like it. And although it is generally a pleasant experience, you have to accept that there are people who simply do not like this. Just as there are people who can’t stand anal sex, whipping or a certain sexual position.

It is important to accept that there are people who are very traditional and who reject certain sexual practices because they still consider them taboo.

The relationship between selfishness and oral sex

It may be that due to selfishness, your partner does not want to perform oral sex. There are people who love to receive instead of giving. And during oral sex, this can be common, since it is common to build non-egalitarian relationships.

In these cases, the most common is that the woman only practices oral sex on the man. This may be due to misconceptions or fears that the man will leave her if she doesn’t. These women are generally afraid of loneliness. It is more common for these to occur during adolescence or during first relationships.

However, there are men who often take advantage of these beliefs that women have and demand that they perform oral sex on them first. Then, it is within the possibilities that they never perform oral sex on the woman or that they lie saying that they are going to do it later, since they intend to delay it forever. In these cases, it is good to rethink the relationship.

If you don’t do oral sex, neither do I.

None perform oral sex. In these cases, it is best to talk about it and try to reach a common point where both are satisfied. And where it is clear that not for giving more, one is necessarily going to be loved more or valued more. And above all, there must be will, that is, really want to do this practice.

He doesn’t give you oral sex because you haven’t told him.

It’s not always easy to know what a person likes sexually. It is common that it is not a very frequent topic to talk about and that for this reason, the fact that many times in the couple it costs that there is a good communication around this topic is added.

It is best to say what you want openly, regardless of what it is, including if we want to receive oral sex. It is possible that your partner thinks that you do not want to because you have not told him about it and that is the reason why he does not take the step.

He doesn’t know how to do oral sex

This may be the case. You have to be aware that when one is with another, he may not know certain things and also, it may be that he is not a very good lover or that he lacks one or two tricks to learn. In addition, sex requires a lot of practice and learning.

Fortunately, if this is the only problem, then the solution is to read one of the countless books that exist on the subject, you can look for information in magazines or on the Internet. They can also read the contents together to practice and learn little by little.

Lack of hygiene stops oral sex

It is true that many people reject it because it disgusts them, since it is considered to be a part of the body that is constantly dirty. That is why extreme hygiene is important. If there is still rejection, the solution is simple. You just have to wash the area well. Another good idea is to do it in the shower, bathtub or Jacuzzi.

the taste is unpleasant

It may be that your partner finds the taste of this area unpleasant. This also has a solution, since it can be camouflaged, by means of a flavored condom.

The hair bothers for oral sex

The decision to wax the area is something that each person has to make. That is why it is good to listen to suggestions, however doing them requires a lot of will. We have already exposed the reasons why some people do not want to do oral sex and how to solve this. So if you are in this type of problem we advise you to try the proposed solution. Do not wait any longer!

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