One of the most difficult issues to deal with are those related to interpersonal relationships, and needless to say when we talk specifically about friendship. It is often said that friends are a precious treasure, and therefore, all people seek to have a friend to share with, that is why it is even strange to hear, for example, a person say that they have no friends. Well, even if you are a shy person within the group, you always have someone who esteems you, who understands you and is with you. There are always friends for all kinds of people.

The fact that a person does not have a single friend is an issue that becomes somewhat worrying and to be honest, there are many causes that can lead to this situation of not having friends, because even if it is a simple question, it still becomes difficult to respond when a person is good and yet has no kind of friendship.
You are an inflexible person

Tolerance is always necessary in any aspect of life, and when we talk about friendship, that has a lot to do with it. In general, intolerant people tend to be toxic, bitter and unpleasant, always leaving a bad image in front of the rest. You should know that if you present intolerant and even disrespectful attitudes towards the tastes and decisions of other people, you will end up scaring everyone away, even those who want a relationship with you for those simple unpleasant details.

It is important to understand that each person is a completely different world and there will always be very different opinions and attitudes, for that reason, if someone’s way of acting is not to your complete liking, then it is necessary to respect it. If you think that you are one of those who gets angry very easily for anything or who does not know how to accept the differences of others, well guess what, it is time for you to change your attitude to improve many aspects of your relationship with them. A first tip is to learn to listen to opinions and above all to know how to accept that things will not always be given the way we want.

You are too shy or too bold

In any field of life, going to extremes is always bad, because this is a good example to specify that. Although it sounds a bit bad, the first impression has a lot to do with what other people think of us, so extreme shyness or effusiveness can drive away a potential friend who does not share our way of being. Similarly, those who have a contrary personality, that is, who do not stop talking, laughing or joking, also tend to be a bit annoying. You must always keep in mind that for every thing there is a time and a place, because knowing how to adapt is key to having a good friendship. Basically a friendship is formed when there are emotions, actions and experiences in common, therefore, For this, it is important to always maintain a neutral attitude where shyness does not prevent you from expressing yourself, but you should not express yourself too much either. He simply speaks what is just and necessary.

you have low self esteem

Self-esteem is a fundamental pillar when it comes to establishing relationships of all kinds. In the case of friends, it serves to maintain a healthy, beautiful and very strong friendship. Sometimes, people with low self-esteem do not have friends precisely because they feel unable and insecure to keep a friend, in other words, they do not consider themselves funny, amusing or interesting enough, but that also happens in the opposite way, that is, because Not having friends lowers self-esteem more and more. You must always keep in mind that each person is unique, therefore, you are also unique and you have something that differentiates you from the rest, which can be interesting for other people even if you do not realize it. Do not close yourself off, learn to greet people, thank and apologize with a smile,

tips for making friends

Get out of your house: No doubt no one will come to the door of your room to ask you to be their friend. From time to time you should go out, distract yourself and have fun, so you will find someone with your same tastes and with that person you will get along super well.

Use your hobbies to your advantage: sharing your hobbies or hobbies with others is a good way to make friends. If you are a fan of sports, reading or traveling, among other things, today there are several forums or courses where there are other people who share your passions and that is a way to start a friendship with things in common.
Make changes to your personality:If you tend to be inflexible, extremely shy or effusive and you notice that this affects your personal relationships, it is important that you change these attitudes to get along better with people. You can even seek psychological help which is also valid. Being a good person is not related to the attitude you have with your friends or with the people close to you. But in the same way that does not make you a bad person, consider them only as defects that every person has and that sometimes, it is necessary to change for our good and that of others.

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