Every day it is more common among people of our generation to hear this story of the boy and the girl who meet, fall in love, spend the night together and then have a long and stable relationship. But we’ve also heard of one night stands that stay that way, or that guy who sounded so perfect that after a week they ended up in bed and nothing came of it. Here we are not going to talk about whether it is right or wrong to sleep with someone you know little about, we believe that as long as you are an adult who manages your sexuality responsibly you can make the decisions that best suit you and your lifestyle, but we do believe that there is something special about this idea of ​​using sex to strengthen an emotional connection, and we are going to give you our reasons why we think it is good to wait.

1. Know each other before “meeting”

Getting to know someone can be a lot of fun and exciting. In that process in which lives are counted, you will discover things that you love about him, and others that confuse you or that you do not necessarily consider as a quality.

Over time, you can learn to live with, and even enjoy, these little things that do not seem fabulous to you, because when you love a person you make the effort to accept them as they are, but when you are just beginning to know someone it is very easy that little details that you would have let someone you have an emotional connection with become unforgivable flaws. For example, if you find out in a super-intense conversation after two months of dating a guy that he has a disease that prevents him from having normal sexual performance, it’s something you can, and probably want, to work on. However, if these problems come to light in bed after the first date they will probably become a “deal breaker”, something that without an emotional connection that supports the relationship, is too much trouble to take.

If you think the guy could be worth a lot, get to know him emotionally before discovering him intimately.

2. Embarrassing moments become memorable

We all know that sex is not how it is portrayed in the movies, and that it requires many accommodations and readjustments, especially the first time you do it with a new guy. When it’s a man you’ve just met, or you’ve only been dating him for a short time, this situation can become more awkward than it should be, causing you to become more nervous and the overall experience less pleasant.

When the emotional connection is strong, these bumps in the road become part of a beautiful and fun experience where everything is fixed with good humor and a smile.

That first time probably won’t be perfect, but if it’s a guy you’d like to give a chance to something else you can make it memorable not with candles and rose petals, but with enough confidence to be more uninhibited.

3. Security

As confident as we feel in our sex life, it is a reality that many men are physically stronger than us. We do not mean that it is dangerous to sleep with a man you do not know very well (although it certainly has the risks of it), but that this person with whom you do not have an emotional bond may not be as careful of your needs as you would like.

There are women who need a lot of lubrication, or who are tight and require a lot of preparation time before penetration, but nobody can assure you that the guy you just met is careful with you, with your feelings and with your physique. It is much easier when there is an emotional connection to relax knowing that you are with someone who would not hurt you, that if you say “wait” they will wait, that if you ask them to stop they stop. This feeling is incomparable.

4. The same channel

When you wait a while before having sex with your guy, you’re less likely to be in for surprises. We are not referring to things like that he does not cut his toenails (although it also applies) but to what he expects from you and from the relationship with you.

How to know if not that they are on the same channel if they have never talked about it? The better you get to know him, the less you are disappointed or, conversely, the less you panic if they make you confessions of feelings that you did not expect. These are just some of the reasons why we recommend that you get to know your boyfriend better before having sex with him. In the end, the ideal moment to take that step is when you feel emotion, not fear, and never to provoke a specific reaction on his part (such as not leaving). When you’re ready, you’ll know!

Do you prefer to wait? Source: http://www.actitudfem.com/amor-y-couple/comunicacion/relaciones/cuanto-debo-esperar-para-tener-sexo

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