It is very common that the majority of unfaithful men do not want to abandon their wife, their home and their children, and they will do everything they can to not leave, but do you want to know what to drink? Here we are going to tell you . The unfaithful man always tells his lover that he is going to separate from his wife, that he has already asked for a divorce, that he no longer loves her and of course the lover believes everything he tells her, even when the older woman Part of the men who say these things, the idea of ​​leaving their wife has not even crossed their minds, unfaithful men can repeat this many times to their lovers, but most never leave their home. When the lover finally realizes that the man is not going to separate, she better chooses to get away from hers, because she is no longer willing to continue believing in her lies, She also realized that she fell in love with the wrong man. A man in order to get his lover, will never tell her how beautiful and special his relationship with his wife is, he will always say the worst, so that his lover pities him and consents, do not fall into this old story , women.

Here we tell you some of the reasons why a married man does not take his lover as his wife and does not leave his wife.

1.- He has everything at home.

One of the reasons why the lover is not a good option to be a wife is that the unfaithful man has everything at home, he has warm food, ironed clothes, he has all the care he needs, he has his children, he has a position social, has safe sex, the only thing they look for in “the other” is just a little passionate sex and fun, but that doesn’t mean they want to lose the security they have in their home, their family and their wife, so If you are a woman who is in the position of a lover, you must take this into account, while the man has everything at home, it will be difficult for him to change all that, for a lover.

2.- They fear a complicated and expensive divorce.

One more reason why the lover is not a good option to be the wife, is that they have to go through a divorce and as we all know it is a very difficult process, very sad and complicated for all the members of the family, especially when there are children involved and it is also very expensive, apart from the fact that the separation can leave you in ruins because of your infidelity, so, to avoid all that, it is better for the man to stay with his partner, after all You have nothing to lose.

3.- They prefer not to take risks.

One more reason why “the other” is not an option to be the wife, is that some men prefer not to take risks, yes, believe it or not, there are men who prefer not to take risks, nobody wants to lose much, for little, he may want to have an affair with someone, but he will think twice and never act on impulse, there are many questions he will ask himself, about what can happen if he is discovered, he will also wonder what will happen if the relationship is more problematic than your marriage, so if you’re not sure, you better not do it.

4.- They love their family.

Another reason why the lover is not an option to be a wife is that most men love their family, they love their children and the mere fact of thinking that they will not see them as often again, that he is going to lose the best moments of his life next to them, it affects him in a great way and makes him think things better, so he better choose to stay at home next to his wife and children, so if you are the lover of a man with children, remember that for him, the first thing will always be his children and you and no one will take that place away from them, so think very well if you want to continue with a relationship like this.

5-. They can’t live without his wife.

Another reason why the lover is not an option to be a wife, is that married men love their wife and cannot live without her, even if they have some affair out there, the wife will always be the love of their life and they will not want never leave her, which does not happen with the lover, whom they will always see as a passing fun, so if you are the lover remember that you should not believe the lies that the unfaithful man tells you, since he will always love his wife above everything.

We have left you some of the reasons why the lover is not an option to be the wife, if you find yourself in the position of lover, they will help you to realize how men think and that you should not believe all the lies that tell you, better value yourself and leave that relationship because as a woman you are worth a lot and deserve a man who loves you and values ​​you as it should be, who presumes you as the queen you are, since a married man with children will very hardly leave a his family to make life with you, better stay away from him, and if you are a woman whose husband was unfaithful, we leave you what are the reasons why he does not want to leave your side, you will know if you forgive him or not, but I believe that when there is love everything goesAs long as you are willing to forgive from the heart and I tell men to think well before being unfaithful, to value and respect their partner, it is not worth losing their family, for a moment of fun, so be very careful with that.

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