Will Smith is one of the most beloved actors in all of Hollywood for more than two decades. His fame has reached so high that it is impossible not to feel small next to him, even other famous artists feel inspired by the path that the celebrity has taken and express it in their interviews. This must be a great pressure for his children, since reaching that recognition is very difficult, in addition, they will always be compared to their father at all times. Jaden has drawn attention for his extravagant way of being and dressing for years. In fact, there are rumors that the interpreter of “Yo Robot” kicked the boy out of his house.

Despite the fact that in past years Jaden was in a lot of news thanks to his way of dressing in front of the cameras, today it is at a professional level. The son of the famous actor is part of the new Louis Vuitton campaign and some clothes that he has modeled were women’s clothing. Dresses, skirts and even flowers he has proudly worn in his shots. What does it matter what people say if you can be yourself and earn a few million in return?

It has not been officially confirmed about Jaden’s preferences, however, in recent years there has been a huge rumor about it. The actor’s way of dressing is artistic, however, this issue is highly controversial among the media. He has even changed his look on different occasions and even added gold teeth, many would say that it was not the best decision that the young man has made. Despite this, Will Smith has always supported his children in the projects and ideas they have had.

There have been rumors in the past few months of Will’s bad reaction to the Louis Vuitton campaign his son is working on. In fact, a news about him having kicked him out of the house was very popular lately, however, nothing has been confirmed about it. The Smith family is known for being one of the most united and peaceful in Hollywood, for this reason, it is thought that it was just a rumor. “The Prince of Rap” has clarified that he supports his children in everything, however, this matter with Jaden has gone over the line, according to his father, since he has made it clear that he will do anything in the name of fashion and the art.

In an interview, Will was asked: “What do you think about your son wearing women’s clothes?” And the artist said that as a father he likes to give his children freedom of expression, but in a way it was a mistake. “Maybe we went too far in that regard. However, you always have to try new things, you must feel comfortable that people will not agree with you, be aware of the situations in which you could fail. Jaden is 100% brave about his style, he will do anything. However, he is willing to live and die for his artistic decisions and does not care what people think of him”. “He’s not afraid of anything,” Will said referring to Jaden. The young man attended the “Met Gala” earlier this year where he wore a “Chanel” suit along with a peculiar accessory. These accessories were some locks of dreadlocks that I previously had as a hair style. This news was questioned by all the designers and the media that covered the event, however, it caught the attention of thousands of artists in the world. With this being a new era for fashion, perhaps Will Smith’s son will be the next Louis Vuitton or Oscar de la Renta.

Jaden has done different jobs, from acting, modeling and even singing. Without a doubt he goes with all the energy, wanting to achieve a percentage of the fame that his father has. I was afraid that he would probably never make it, not in the same way at least. His latest video titled “Batman” reached more than two and a half million views in a short time after it was released on the air. In his music he has shown his outlandish clothing and has thousands of fans who copy his style.

One of the most controversial topics that Jaden has commented on in interviews is when he said he wanted to look like Taylor Swift. I assure you that she loves her style and that she would like to imitate it in some way. This made the media doubt her preferences even more. However, the boy is an artist, for that reason, he can be as eccentric as he wants and will never think about what others think.

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