The fashion keys that the Duchess of Sussex follows to, in addition to increasing her style, appear more centimeters

After her refined image and the stylistic decisions governed – to some extent by the protocol of the British Royal House – Meghan has also adopted certain stylist tricks. Analyzing her public appearances so far, we see that the truth is that the brand new Duchess of Sussex added to her wardrobe some key pieces that are also used by other royals such as Queen Letizia or the Duchess of Cambridge herself. Pieces that, in addition to stylizing her figure, achieve a striking effect so that the height difference between her and Prince Harry is less noticeable.

As explained by the English celebrity photographer Glenn Gratton in statements to the Daily Mail, couples who have a considerable height difference in height tend to look unbalanced in photographs. In the case of the new royal couple, Harry measures 185 centimeters, while Meghan, 167 cm.

Stilettos, always in neutral tones


Even from her first public appearances in her new role, Meghan has clearly identified with a particular shoe model, the noble stiletto, characterized by having heels of at least 10 cm. Of course, thanks to its universal, stylized design in neutral tones, it makes the legs look longer thanks to the toe and, being in neutral tones, “does not cut” their line, which is why it is a of the Duchess’s shoe choices. Although she was seen with black and nude stilettos, it is the latter that causes the optical effect of longer legs.

Pencil skirt below the knees

The skirts had the one that the former protagonist of Suits had already accustomed us to, they are not a random choice. It is that the medium cut of this style of skirts achieves an elongated silhouette while marking the curves of the body, making us look taller. Another of Meghan’s tricks is to wear monochromatic garments or the same color range, that is, for the top part as for what she wears below. This trend, known as ‘monocolor’, avoids visual cuts at the waist, an effect that stretches the silhouette, particularly if dark colors are chosen for it.

Outfits that mark the waist

Her outfits with a working girl air that combine a suit jacket and pants are, of course, thought of down to the smallest detail. The top at waist height, in combination with versatile high-waisted pants, is another alternative to stylize the legs, and have the result that they look visually longer, by gaining part of the chest. Also the marked waist manages to lengthen the torso. When the Duchess of Sussex chooses pants, she tries to wear them with the hem just above her ankle as showing her instep also lengthens her figure.

Away from looks with volume and yes to monocolor looks

A sober style without much bombast, is what we have seen of Meghan in her public appearances, so far, and there is an explanation. The point is that patterns with large prints as well as garments with ruffles or sections with a lot of volume, although they are garments of perfect good taste, manage to visually shorten the height. Wearing almost flat garments with practically no volume, that outline the shapes of the silhouette without being tight, is the best alternative to avoid subtracting centimeters. All dresses or two-piece sets whose design is simple lines extends the silhouette.

Megan’s style

The Tig, was the name of her fashion and lifestyle blog in the duchess that defined her tastes.

The blog of the now duchess has been closed for months, however, in one of her entries, Meghan Markle herself referred to her tastes when it came to dressing and defined her style as “bobret”.

The term coined by Markle is an allusion to two words. The first, bobo, comes from the French concept of 1885 ‘bourgeois boheme’, which alluded to certain members of society who had asocial, bohemian and hippie values. The point is that Markle demonstrates this type of style in the details: flowing blouses, round glasses, hats or casual jeans, among others. The second part of the term comes from the Breton style, whose icon, as she herself expressed, was Audrey Hepburn in the movie Funny Face, which was released in 1957. Among its main characteristics are the key pieces of the delicious Parisian style: stripes, garments sailors, tight pants above the ankle or shoulder bags, as the brand new duchess explained in the publication,

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