Today there are many women who live in sadness and loneliness, day after day, thinking that life has been unfair to them and that they cannot do anything to get out of their problems. They feel that they are not special and that they are worthless. They think that they will never be able to do something important or something unique in their life. They are empty inside and their dreams are totally shattered on the floor. They don’t know how to get out of this frustrating situation and they lack the strength, self-esteem and support to do so. They do not find meaning in their life. But you, woman, are a lovely and precious treasure! You make the world move and be a more beautiful and welcoming place. Without a doubt, you are the most valuable jewel that exists! In the depths of your interior lies the strength to fight with soul and body for your dreams, and the personal security you need to shine like no other and do things you never imagined. Woman, there are many good qualities in you! They surpass human understanding! Look in the mirror and love yourself for the unique and unrepeatable woman you are! Always walk forward; with your head held high and with firm steps along the path of your life, that God gave you. Never underestimate your good feelings and the power you have to change everything around you.

As a woman, you are characterized by courage, perseverance, kindness and the beauty that you have inside and out. No matter how many setbacks you have in life, your strength and your desire to overcome will always make you great. You only need to draw from within yourself the necessary self-esteem to value the great woman you are and thus take flight towards everything that makes you feel happy and satisfied. If life knocks you down mercilessly… get up and rise like a phoenix! May the soft wind heal your open wounds. Breathe and fill yourself with life, with positive feelings and do not give up before anything. To God you are more precious than rubies! Your value surpasses that of precious stones! (Proverbs 31:10) Life is full of difficulties and difficult situations, that our mind closes and we believe that we will not be able to get ahead on our own and that we will never smile again… However, from the depths of our soul, a small force is born that pushes us to come out of all the battles. Never give up, woman! Your life is destined to perform great works.

Woman, your suffering is not necessary! Just as neither is your loneliness. You shine among others when you are humble of heart and when you have eyes beyond yourself. Little by little you will realize how sincere friendship and company return the sparkle in your eyes and the enthusiasm in your heart. You have the power to bring joy to the world and to all those around you. With just a warm smile you manage to transform the world itself and with your loving words you make people believe in humanity again and see the bright side of life a little more every day.

You can achieve that dream that you long for and fulfill the goals that you have set for yourself. Fly towards that magical and enchanting world that you have dreamed of so much. The only person who can change your future is yourself, woman! You have the courage to do it, never doubt it!

Get up every morning and tell the world: “I am a strong, valuable and full of life woman who will live this day fully and safely, without fear of what they will say and without fear of what the future holds!” So everyone will shudder and know that you are love, strength, hope, security and freshness… you are a woman!

Today is before you a new opportunity to change everything that prevents you from being the woman you want to be. Today you can stop seeing everything in a negative way and be the exceptional woman that God longs for you to be. He has a prosperous and hopeful future planned for you.

From the woman you are now, your courage, strength and love for life will prevail. From now on you will walk safely, upright, beautiful, strong and full of illusions. Security, courage and optimism will be your emblem from now on. This is how it will be every morning when you open your eyes to see the sun and every time your feet touch the ground. You are the best flag that flies around the world. You are the hope and future of all generations. Precious and beautiful, nobody like you!

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