Have you ever been attracted to a “mature” woman? That woman who is obviously much older than you, that when you see her you can’t believe that at her age she is so sexy and makes you feel terrible, more than girls your age. This is nothing new, these types of women have always existed, but perhaps only you did not know the term. These are the famous women called MILFs, the term comes from the English language and means Moms I’d Like to F…, in other words “the moms you would like to flirt”.

But is that what makes them so attractive to you? What is the reason why you want so much to be with a woman much older than you? Some examples could be Maribel Guardia, Salma Hayek, Aracely Arambula, or not to go too far, it could be a neighbor on your block or in the worst case, the mother of a friend. If one of them picks you up she becomes a cougar, for the simple reason that she dates a much younger man. It is rare to understand it, but the stage where they arouse the most interest in men is at that stage of adolescence. Although it is true that some would arouse your interest regardless of the stage of your life in which you find yourself. Below we leave you some of the characteristics they meet.

1.-They still look very sexy. The passage of time is a factor that has not had a negative impact on the body or the attitude of these women. Despite their age they still look pretty good and you can’t take your eyes off them. They put your hormones to a thousand and make you go through them with your imagination. Those wrinkle marks and other blemishes arouse a lot of intrigue in you. It is inevitable to feel desire to be with one. The curiosity of youth leaves boys vulnerable.

2.- They do not fall into the vulgar. They are women different from the common, intellectually cultivated, with the plus of an ardent sexual desire. Without preconceptions or taboos, they are pure nature. They stand out for their attractive looks, they show sensuality, but without going into vulgarity, they are women smart enough to look good without having to fall into exaggerations. That nature and sensuality of their own that makes them the object of desire. It is impossible for them to go unnoticed, their presence is so marked that when they are in a place you will soon notice them.

3.- They have class. Another characteristic that differentiates them from the rest of the women their age is the class. They are sophisticated women, they may not wear youthful clothes or some other latest fashion garment, but they don’t dress outdated like “your old aunt” either. The interesting thing is that they don’t need to go half-naked or dazzle with a sequined dress to show off, they know how to dress appropriately for their age and even so they manage to catch many young men. The secret they hide is that their true appeal does not lie in the clothes they wear or what they show underneath, but in that attitude and security with which they face things. They combine the garments very well and do it with class.

4.- They are daring. These women have crossed the barrier of the taboo, of what they will say or of the supposed social roles that should be given between men and women when it comes to courting. They are not shy women, they are self-confident, if they want to conquer a young man they don’t think twice, they act and that’s it, if the goal is sex they go looking for it. They are a perfect combo for the young man because in addition to giving them good sex they treat them very well. And if that wasn’t enough, they pay the bill if the young man doesn’t have money. Now it’s becoming clearer to you why Milf’s are irrefutable.

5.- They know how to balance the relationship. The benefit is balanced. She gives her experience and sensuality in exchange for the energy and adventure of youth. It is impossible to refuse because the enjoyment is guaranteed, they know what they are doing, they are not discovering the things of life and surely after a session they will leave you ironed. There is no point of comparison with a girl your age. Sometimes they offer her knowledge and economic stability in exchange for adventures.

6.- They are experts in bed. They handle the art of sex very well, so much so that they are considered great experts. They don’t need to do much to find the point of driving you crazy with pleasure. They take the initiative and beat you by far, they already know the tastes of men and how to satisfy them, and they know that their boy could learn a lot from them.

7.- They know what they want. These women are light years away from those capricious and jealous young girls, who throw tantrums for any little thing, with the milf’s you save all those troubles. These women know how to ask for what they want, because they know exactly what they want, they are not indecisive, they do not beat around the bush, their romances are direct and practical, without complications, it is very similar to the treatment that occurs between men.

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