Although each woman is different and the firmness of the bust ultimately depends on each type of skin, in general, after the age of 30, the skin loses its ability to renew cells; that is, you begin to see traces of flaccidity, due to less elasticity, in areas such as the chest. We wonder if surgery is the only option? But before thinking about the “scalpel” the practice of yoga could be the solution.

Yoga is an ancient discipline, nowadays very popular, at first it was practiced with the aim of finding inner peace, but nevertheless great benefits for the physical state have also been discovered.

According to research published by the National Institutes of Health in the United States, performing yoga increases muscle tissue.

Don’t despair, to see the results instantly…

From the eighth week of practicing consistently you can lose 3 centimeters of fat, in the general contour of the torso. Adding, that the metabolism is activated, the skin is reaffirmed and the muscles are toned”, affirms in an analysis the graduate in physical education, Francisco Castro.

Balance and breathing to achieve an enviable figure

If you are looking to tone and increase your bust, here we show you the best yoga postures to achieve it. To a large extent, what yoga does is correct your posture, thus allowing you to lift your chest and put it in its place. In this way, the chest will look bigger, and raised or to put it another way, it will look as it should be seen, because in addition to practicing these yoga positions the mammary musculature increases, that is, the pectorals that are under the breasts become stronger, thus reducing sagging skin.

Pose Cobra

It will give more firmness and strength to your bust. It will achieve firmer pectorals, thus making the breasts rise. Giving us that appearance of round and shapely breasts. Follow the instructions below 1. Stand belly down. 2. Your legs should be parallel and completely straight. 3. Have your palms at shoulder height, on the floor. 4. Let your whole body relax as you perform the following movement. 5. Raise your upper body. Head, shoulders, breasts. 6. Up to the waist, stay in a straight up position. 7. When you reach the highest point, stay in this position for 20 seconds. 8. The head should be stretched backwards. Your face should be facing the ceiling. 9. Do this 5 more times and on each rep hold the position longer.

Chest Pose

While standing, you have to put your legs together, just like a soldier standing at attention. Remember to breathe very calmly and slowly then put your hands together and interlock your fingers behind your back. Now you will feel that your body relaxes, stretch your arms. And make sure you don’t force yourself and cause any damage. Keeping the same pose, lower your head to the height of your knees. And if possible, touch your knees with your head while interlocking your hand. Another variation of this position while keeping your hands intertwined, contract your belly as much as you can. Now, if what you want is for your bust not to be a victim of relentless gravity again. Then follow these tips and start doing yoga on a regular basis. Do this 5 more times and on each rep hold the position longer.

The cow

On your knees, with your hips resting on your feet, breathing deeply, bend your left arm towards your back; then perform the same movement with the right limb, only with the difference that its elbow must be at the level of your head. Take a deep breath!

The montana

Kneel on a mat or yoga mat, your hips should be located in your heels. Breathing deeply and rhythmically stretch your arms up, as if you were looking to touch the ceiling. With your left hand you must hold the tips of the fingers of your right hand.

half star

Lying on your side, putting one leg over the other, try to lift your upper body with your right arm. Remember the palm of your hand must be fully supported on the ground and your torso must not lose its initial straight shape. With a deep exhalation, raise your left arm and stretch your hand as if you wanted to touch the wall in front of you.


– Keep a calm mind during exercise – To prevent your chest from losing volume and shape, a diet rich in protein and moderate in calories is essential – Count yourself and establish a schedule to perform your exercises

– Watch your posture, stay upright, even if it is uncomfortable at first, make the effort

– When you shower, when you are about to finish, put cold water on your breasts, the change in temperature causes muscle tension to occur that helps them stay firm.

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