Many times it becomes difficult to give up what we have already built. In life one is always tracing paths, but when we have to start from scratch, we are left with a blanket of doubt, fear and indecision about how it will go and the disappointment of accepting that we must leave behind something that did not work.

Having to start something in life again is not an easy task for anyone, especially if we have started some projects.

In a few words, making a clean slate means leaving aside experiences, dreams to which we have invested a certain amount of time or, why not, feelings, maybe we had plans that, although we are reaching little by little, along the way we must leave aside because life forces us like that. For example, this can happen to us in the study, that due to lack of money or other factors we must leave it and dedicate ourselves to something else; in love, when for different reasons, couples who separate in search of something better or in business, when in the blink of an eye we lose everything.

It is not always bad to have to start over, on many occasions, if we give up what we have already been doing or if we are forced to take that painful step to the side, it is because life could be preparing us something much better, a surprise that allows us take the leap of our lives, everything depends on the glass with which we look at it and the attitude we take to see the positive side. For this reason, we must always look at life with optimism when restarting our lives, this could be the key to the door that allows us to find new paths and discover other better horizons or return to what we had once planned and had stopped doing. aside, it’s never too late to start over.

That is the beauty of life, that which gives you numerous opportunities always comes back to dawn. A person should never give up and if he does, it is because he evidently became prey to pessimism and it is a mistake. There are always challenges and in the face of adversity you have to know how to rethink in order to move forward carrying in your backpack not the pain of the end of a cycle but the valuable experiences that these experiences leave us. We must feel that thirst for self-improvement back, remember that under the risk is always the profit.

Among those thousand turns that life has prepared for us, we must focus on some new goal. A good starting point could be to pay more attention to the things that make us happy, no matter how insignificant they may seem, that which fills us with satisfaction whenever we do it, so that one can begin to change his life step by step.

Regardless of the path we choose, whether it is to follow the same path towards the same goal, or seek to break through to a new direction, we must use the past in a positive way. it should only be used as a model, so to speak, of what to avoid and where you no longer want to go.

If we are going to restart something, press the reset button so to speak, we must be aware and especially careful. The experiences and results of the past will help us to better open our eyes to, perhaps, the same situations. But that’s why we must remember to do something different, because whenever we do the same thing, it will give us the same result.

It is important that we do not regret the situations we have been through, the time we have lost, the material things, etc. The material is recovered, and everything is learned, experiences and time must serve as tools to be able to defend ourselves against adversity, on the other hand, what does not serve us we must put aside for our new paths, it does not serve as a nothing to carry tremendous useless load.

That is what growing up is all about, the more stumbling blocks there are and we get up every time we fall, increasing our experiences and experience that will help us to make better decisions when facing, above all, with hope another cycle of life.

We must always give ourselves to life, because it is the main treasure we have. We must be strong and brave, above all, to know how to recognize when a cycle closes or when we should close it ourselves. Within our path called “life story” we will start back more than once, doing it wisely will make all the difference! Although it hurts to admit people who like to throw opinions about other people’s lives abound, they usually seek to observe negative points with joy with the excuse of making constructive, eventually you must learn to turn a deaf ear and focus only on our new roadmap! Only you know where you’ve come from and where you’re going


You have to know how to flow in this river of life, accepting that many times we must necessarily adjust the sails and change course, recognizing this not as a failure but as simple final points that represent the opportunity for a new beginning with all the possibilities of the world. to do everything differently this time, we are not a tree, if something does not satisfy us we can and must move, with confidence, without letting the fear of the unknown paralyze us as many times as it takes: do we have to start over? Well, it begins!

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